Our Partners

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Our Partners
Our network has all the different unique competencies that can contribute to our customers and consultants in different ways. Thanks to these we have been able to grow over the years and added value to our customers and consultants! Some of our partners can be found below.

Agentum is the Nordic region's first, only and leading company in reference recruitment. Agentum has a network of over 1 800 handpicked people – agents – within the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and public administration. Nova is a talent network that through various activities brings together customers with potential talents for trainee programs or recruitment. The universe is working to develop customers ' Employer Branding.

Chamber Group is Sweden's leading network for experienced CEOs and people with long experience of board and company management.
Chamber Group's members are always on hand for our consultants for support and counselling in complex or specialised matters and for interim assignments.

Board balances work to create social debate and understanding that it is a profit to have balanced boards and wiring. The goal is more women in Swedish companies ' boards and in management groups. Members of the board balance are competent women who meet high standards and have undergone a personal interview with approved references.

Cool Company Skandinavien AB is a self-employed company that simplifies and streamlines the administration of consultants and freelancers to invoice without their own company. If a consultant wants to avoid managing accounting, working with liability insurance and simplifying the administration, Cool Company's contribution is valuable. Call us and we will tell you more about what this means for you as a consultant!

Chamber Business Networks – Think-Tanking for Business Leaders, is a network for leaders in the Confederation of Swedish Business where you who sit in managerial positions can meet other like-minded people and exchange experiences. An investment in leadership knowledge and know-how that strengthens the company's competitiveness and your business.

Senior Advisers (SA) has been around for more than 40 years with some 20 members who operate in the business and public sector. All members have broad and profound operational experience in managerial positions in several industry segments both in Swedish and international companies.
Senior Advisers offers consultancy services in advisory, internationalization, interim resources and career support to individuals. What distinguishes SA from traditional business management consultants is their operational experience. Where others give advice based on models and tools shows SAID the way based on experience, SAID has been there, and SAID has done it before. Based on collective experience, SA has, among other things, developed the Growth Generator™ a methodology and process for growth.

The chief assistants in Stockholm were formed already in 1964 and act as a network of assistants at the management level. The purpose of the association is to be a support for each other since the professional role is often quite lonely. The Association organizes a range of diverse, networking activities where all members are welcome to participate – from company visits and lectures to cultural events and travel. At regular intervals, mentor projects and salary surveys are carried out by members. The association currently has about 95 members from close to 80 companies.

AddAge is the network for experienced competence over 45 years looking for interim assignments or new job. AddAge has more than 2.300 members on social media and soon 800 matchable candidates in the brokerage AddAge Match. AddAge offers companies matched competence for quick addition in Sweden.

POM3 Consulting is established in Stockholm since 2016 and offers business advice, operational and strategic consulting services to customers in project management, business development, change management and leadership, supply chain & logistics, Procurement and business-technological innovation. Active in railways, railway vehicles, Automotive, manufacturing, telecom and IT & Digitalisation.

Scandinavian Executive also has an established network with everything from commercial banks to legal advisors, tax advisors and accounting firms that we can convey to customers if the need arises. Through our partners we can offer a variety of services when the need arises in the business.