Our process

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Our process

Scandinavian Executives Search to fill your position started long before your need arose. We are constantly building our network with qualified and competent interim consultants. We are well prepared when the need arises from you! This means that you can get assistance at short notice with management assistance, project management or whatever executive/operative role your company or organisation might need to fill. Regardless of whether the assignment is to drive change management, carry out restructuring, cost efficiencies, temporary reinforcement or replace a position.

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A further possibility is to later agree to employ the person and close the interim contract. The fee for this goes down the longer you have rented, we will gladly describe more about this!

In our process, we always carry out a background check and the certification of the information submitted by selected final candidates. 

The whole process takes between 2-3 working days.

Tips to the customer:

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r profile and CV that shows what you can contribute and which roles are suitable as well as quick feedback when a request will allow you to have a better chance of getting an appropriate mission! 2-3 pages far are preferable, the one who reads want to quickly get an overview of who you are and what you will contribute.