The company has been acquired by a PE-company during 2018 and the first 100-day program was completed end of year with a positive outcome. Based on a clear initial view from Group Management of what needed to be addressed; and a structured approach from external consultants the change activities started to show results in the books already in 2018.

Totally the organization has around 1000 activities in the area of Portfolio, Networking Capital, Sourcing and World Class Manufacturing which they are following up on a weekly to monthly basis.

To secure the 2019 budget and the result of all the activities the Group Management of The Company identified several enabler projects that need to be implemented during 2019 latest. The projects are in the area of incentives, product management, prevention of leakage, business intelligence (internal) and recycling.

All projects have dependencies towards each other. Some has been somewhat defined, others need a pre-study to be started. The organization doesn’t have a project methodology and the project management experience and resources are limited.

The company is now looking for a PMO Support that can support and drive change primarily through the existing line organization. The PMO support will report to Mr X as head of The Company PMO.


The PMO support mission is to support The Company PMO, Mr X in the following areas:

  • Training of project managers in the project methodology used in the PMO today (General model). The training will be conducted through coaching and hands on development of documentation needed to drive the projects
  • Close follow-up of projects being the ears to the ground with continuous contact with the project managers and teams.
  • Support change activities and help the projects to perform assessment and material for change management. Using the Prosci methodology for change.
  • Preparation for Monthly PMO meetings and Program boards collecting status updates and do necessary analysis/conclusions.
  • The PMO Support will support a culture of “Execution of change” throughout the line organization which will deliver bottom-line result.

Experience required:

  • Working in an industry environment connected to operations in some aspect.
  • Understanding of the key elements in a Balance sheet and P&L statement
  • Driving change in a complex organization structure or in a complex change program.
  • Generalist understanding the mechanism between functions in an industrial company.
  • Driving large projects with the importance of communication and change management as a key success factor is a plus.


  • Structured and process driven
  • Presentation skills, both in writing (e.g. ppt) and as speaker.
  • High execution drive combined with people management skills