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among the hands of a part of the business becomes a leader. It may be because the current manager will end at short notice or something completely different. Whatever the reason, this will have a big impact, both on the specific part of the business and probably also on the entire company's business as well. To avoid this impact as much as possible, you can use an interim manager, i.e. an experienced boss and leader who can jump in while your company is looking for a replacement.

Of course, an interim schef is not only used for this type of assignment. They can also be used when your company wants to perform a restructuring of your organization or when you need special skills for a project.

In order for an interim Schef mission to be successful, there are many parts to merge. First of all, we have the manager who is hired. This person should not only possess the experience and skills required to fulfil the specific role of the worker. Ideally, the person should also have extensive experience in the specific industry and its prerequis

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Examples of roles we add: Supply Chain, logistics manager, purchasing, Sourcing, System implementation, procurement support, etc.

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candinavian Executive knows how important it is to have the right person in the right place. Therefore, we have not only gathered several talented leaders with experience and knowledge in several different industries and competencies. We also do our best to understand your company's business and situation. By understanding what you need and how you work, we can suggest an interim manager who has exactly what you are asking for.

We have many interim managers in the Supply Chain, all with different experiences, special skills and knowledge of different industries, and we are sure that we can find a leader that fits in with you. Our business model is based on satisfied customers and we do not charge until you have found a leader that you are happy with. We simply want everyone to be satisfied, both you as the client, our interim consultant within SCM and so we ourselves so clearly. If the mission is to be very successful, it is not unusual for our customers to employ the interim manager. Why cancel a success concept?

Over 2 000 competent leaders and managers

Avoid lengthy recruitment processes and let us help you find a suitable interim manager in a quick and easy way. We have gathered over 2 000 consultants and interim managers in several business areas and we have done our best to know all their strengths and qualities. In this way we can match the right person with the right assignments and clients. Get in contact today and tell us more about your situation and your needs and we will be happy to help.

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