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We can help you find interim Schef in public operations

The public sector differs from "ordinary" entrepreneurship. Here it is high transparency, public procurement and special rules that apply. A manager working in the public sector must have good knowledge of, for example, local government law, privacy law and much more. Here is the tax money to be managed and budgets to be held, a big difference towards a company that should be as profitable as possible.

We at Scandinavian Executive will gladly help you find an interim manager in the public sector. We are well aware of the conditions and requirements the public sector imposes on a manager. Of course, we always go through your specific needs to understand exactly what you need. This, combined with our own deep knowledge of our consultants, helps us find successful matches in a quick and easy way. https

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er interim Schef can be used in several different areas. It may be that you need an interim manager in healthcare with a medical background that will perform a major change within the county Council. It may also be that the current CFO will disappear at short notice and that a new leader needs to be in place as soon as possible. The assignments and conditions vary, but we at Scandinavian Executive are confident that we can find a new manager for the public business that suits you. Our business model is based on customer satisfaction and it is only when our customers are satisfied with the interim schefen that we take paid.

There are many advantages to taking in an interim schef to complete a project or to overcome a change. First of all, it is much quicker to take in an interim consultant compared to getting through the entire recruitment process.

How a process can look

Examples of roles we add: health care and care, head of unit, Operations manager, head of local government, head of department. State, municipality or county council.

We have over 3000 consultants in the network

Although it differs between the private and public sectors, there are still many similarities, especially when it comes to our way of working. We chose early to focus on quality over quantity, which means that we do not offer leaders in all business areas but only within certain. Some of the roles we can fill are HR manager, regional manager and finance manager. Over the years we have gathered over 3000 competent leaders and managers with different qualities, skills and competences. Since we consciously focus on few areas and at the same time have a great workforce, we have become very good at matching the right interim manager with the right assignments. If you are looking for a temporary manager in public sector, you have come to the right place. Please contact us, we will be happy to help you!