Interim Schef Market and sales

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Interim Schef Market and sales

If you are looking for an interim manager in marketing and sales, you have come to the right

Sometimes your company needs reinforcement in the form of an experienced leader. The need can be planned, for example to take care of a restructuring or a project, or the need may arise suddenly and unprepared. It can be a executives who disappear at short notice or a workload that arose very fast. If you need to take in an interim schef you have come to the right place. We at Scandinavian Executives can quickly and smoothly help you find a leader that fits your company's conditions and needs.

Market and sales are two important parts of a business in almost all companies. Lacking a leader in these leads can quickly affect the entire business, both short-term and long-term. By taking in an interim manager in marketing and sales, you can quickly fill the role with a person who has all the qualities, skills and competences that you need. This speed is a big advantage over the usual recruitment process, a process that takes longer and is less accurate.

When you contact us about an interim assignment, we will jointly review the requirements, needs and conditions that your company has. With the requirement profile we develop during this meeting, we can start searching for candidates within our own network with over 3000 talented leaders and managers. After we have gone through the people who would be best suited for the assignment, we present two to three candidates for a personal meeting.

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Our approach places great demands on the breadth of our workforce and above all our ability to match our leaders ' competencies and characteristics with the right assignments. For several years we have succeeded in finding the right person for the right job and we continue to be even better all the time. We rely so much on our fingertip sensitivity and ability to match the right that we have built our business model around this. Your company pays nothing until you are satisfied with the candidate we have chosen. In addition, it is fast when you choose us. Since we only select sharp interim managers from our own network, the entire process can take between two to five working days.

Examples of roles we add: Sales Director, Marketing Director, Sales Manager FC, marketing manager MC, VP Sales, VP Marketing, communications Manager, digitalization Manager, PR Manager etc.

This is how a process can look, from start to finish in 2-3 days!