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ththere are many situations where an interim manager may be needed. This may include, for example, the disappearance of a senior executives at short notice, perhaps due to relocation, illness or something else altogether. It may also be the case that the person should be away temporarily, for example, during vacation or parental leave. People in leadership roles are difficult to replace, especially when you need to go the long recruitment path. Then it can be excellent to take in an interim schef.

Our job started long before your need emerged. For many years we have gathered experienced and competent leaders from many different directions, each with their own special experience and knowledge. Once your company contacts with us, we have a large internal workforce with candidates to choose from. In this way we can not only match the right person with the right needs and clients, we can also work quickly and ensure that there is a leader in place as soon as possible. The entire process can take between two to five business days.

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ve come Rightedet is not only to cover up a temporarily absent manager as an interim schef can come in handy. Even in projects where special expertise is needed within IT, one of our leaders can ensure that the project is completed successfully.

Before you post an ad regarding IT manager jobs, you can turn to us. Our process is simple. It all starts with you contacting us and explaining what you need. Together we can decide how the assignment should look like and also develop a requirement profile. Then we match the assignment and the requirements profile with our leaders before we finally present two to three candidates. It is not uncommon for a successful mission to end with the company wanting to employ the interim manager permanently.

Whether you need a manager who can be responsible for planning and coordinating IT infrastructure within a public business or a project manager who will oversee the implementation of a new IT system, we at Scandinavian Executives can help. Get in contact today and tell us more about what you and your business need. Together we can find a good solution to your problem. This

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