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Interim Schef Industrial Production

Interim Schef in Industry – the Process Indu

stry interim Schef is a manager who can quickly enter and take over the baton. There are many situations where this is needed, for example when a manager quickly disappears due to illness or dismissal, when a senior executives should only be away temporarily due to holidays or when there is a rapid increase in workload. The reasons are many but the primary need is usually the same, to fill the work role as quickly as possible. For industries and factories, speed can be particularly important as business interruptions can quickly become very expensive.
We at Scandinavian Executive have not only experienced in matching the right assignments with the right interim manager, we have also gathered several talented managers and leaders in our network. In this way, we can not only produce several talented candidates to suit your needs and requirements, we can also make sure that they are in place already after a few days. We simply work quickly and smoothly.

The advantages of choosing an interim schef instead of recruiting are many. The most obvious is that you quickly get into potential candidates who can solve the specific problem that has emerged or fill the work role that has become vacant. Another advantage of using an interim manager is to lead a project, a restructuring or some kind of change in the business. Then the temporary leader can control the work and ensure that goals are reached and deadlines are held. As you can notice, there is a great demand for an interim schef. This in turn places great demands on our candidates and our ability to match right. Over the years we can proudly say that we have gathered a very competent network and also developed a good fingertip sensitivity when it comes to matching the right.

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Examples of roles we add: Production Manager, program manager, project managers, LEAN Consultants, efficiency programs, Sourcing and purchasing, logistics manager, Supply Chain

etc. How is it possible to employ an interim schef in industry?

The process of hiring an interim manager is always the same, whether you need a boss who can run a factory, manage the logistics, or implement a new IT system for inventory management. It all starts with you contacting us and describing what you need help with. The better we can understand your business, needs and requirements, the easier it will be for us to recommend the right people. Together we can also design the mission's objectives and boundaries.

The next step is to find the right people. Then we search in our internal network with over 3000 experienced leaders and managers. We select two to three candidates that we think fits well with you and who can cope with the task itself. When the mission starts approaching its end, it is not unusual for our customers to close the interim contract and employ the temporary manager permanently. Do as many others and bring in managerial skills in a quick and easy way by hearing from you to us today.

This is how a process can look, from start to finish in 2-3 days!