Interim Schef Concept

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What does an interim manager do?

An interim manager is an experienced leader who can enter companies in exceptional situations at short notice. For a limited period of time, the interim manager replaces critical management functions, manages individual projects, or carries out major changes at the customer-like a combination of senior executives, consultants and project managers – and always with a Hands-on approach. Once the task is completed or the customer's needs change, the assignment ends. An interim assignment can also be the beginning of a job. If both parties find each other, the interim task can be transferred to a recruitment instead. Then with a significant lower risk as the company is well acquainted with the consultant and vice versa.

Interim an established concept

The concept of Interim Management was born in 70-century Holland, was introduced in the UK at the end of the 80 's and is now globally established. The concept is seen as an effective alternative to traditional staffing, consulting and management solutions. The growth of the interim industry is driven by the global financial crisis of recent years, which has brought completely new demands on Swedish companies to increase their agility, reduce their risks and reduce their costs. Mobility and adaptability have become key factors in the survival of enterprises, both in terms of staffing coverage and skills provision.

Scandinavian Executive is one of the major players in the market and has a large network of skilled interim consultants that are available for assignments during different parts of the year.

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