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ons economy is one of the most important parts of a company's business. When the economy pinch, it all affects, from the usual staff all the way up to the CEO and owner. This places high demands on the people who work with the company's finances, especially the CFO. If a management function ends at short notice or if, for some reason, the CFO can no longer perform his or her work, the company needs to quickly bring in a replacement. This is something that we at Scandinavian Executive can help with. h

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interim managers in economics can quickly cover up a void that has appeared in the finance department. This is one of the advantages of using an interim schef instead of starting the lengthy recruitment process. In fact, it is also possible to use an interim schef while trying to find a permanent solution. In many cases, our leaders manage their assignments in such a successful way that the interim mission becomes a permanent position.

It is not only when a manager disappears as an interim schef can be collected. You can usefully use an interim manager in finance to perform various assignments or take on a specific challenge. For example, it can be about streamlining operations, performing restructuring, or implementing new processes.

This is how a process can look, from start to finish in 2-3 days!

Examples of roles we add are: CFO, financial manager, accounting economist, accounting specialist, Controller Manager, controllers, Business Controller, corporate accountant, Financial or Business controller, Treasuryspecialist, Investor Relations, internal auditor and more positions in the field of finance.

We also have specialists in SAP, MS HUBS and other ERP systems

We help you find the right interim CFO

As you notice, an interim manager can help in several different situations. This places not only high demands on the interim schefen itself, but also on us. After all, it is our job to match the right person to the right assignments, something we have become very talented at. We at Scandinavian Executive chose early to focus on a niche working area. We wanted to be experts in providing experienced managers with expertise to the right clients. Today we have not only helped a lot of companies with all sorts of challenges and problems, we have also built up a large network of over 3000 experienced and competent leaders and managers in several work roles and industries.

We always work closely with our customers and interim managers. It all starts with you getting in touch with us, explaining what needs you have and what challenges your business has faced. Together we can produce a clear assignment and a requirement profile. Then it is up to us to find suitable candidates. It is people who do not only possess the experience and skills that are being sought, but which we judge have that extra that is necessary to ensure that the mission is completed in a satisfactory manner. In addition, it goes fast, usually there may be a person in place already after a few days. If you need an interim manager in finance, you know exactly who to contact.