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Over the years, we have helped customers from many different industries to appoint roles such as CEO, CFO, RC, COO, HR, marketing manager, Sales Manager and specialist roles in, for example, supply chain or purchasing & logistics. Several complex change projects and implementation projects have been driven by interim consultants from us. This with consultants from our strong network that is constantly growing.

Thank you for these warm quotes from customers we worked and work with over the years:

"It has been an amazing experience to work together with Scandinavian Executive in a mission to recruit a CEO. Michael Gabrielsson demonstrates an outstanding ability to think outside the box, in a way that I have not seen in other firms I have been in contact with. Michael's Wisdom and quickness in acting also led to a very successful and good solution for both the company and the employee. "

(CEO of Industry)

"We have hired Scandinavian Executive on several occasions when we have applied for interim managers at short notice. Michael Gabrielsson is committed and driven and has a very good feeling for finding the right skills with the right personality to the right place. A good feedback during the recruitment process but also a professional follow-up after the assignment. "

(CEO of listed industrial company)

"You have helped us on a number of occasions in several different parts of the company in recent years and the accuracy is impressive! You will find people who quickly enter our culture and contribute from the first day. It is appreciated when we keep a high tempo and have great expectations of delivery from all our staff. "

(HR Manager at listed company)

"Since we started using interim consultants from you, we have never had to make a doubtful recruitment! That security has been worth a lot to us when our company grows sharply. A senior interim consultant gets things done and the business is floating on, even in heavy expansion or during changes. You have very often managed to find the right profile quickly, which facilitates my work! "

(CFO of listed companies)

"You understood our situation, the need clearly sumed up and I got great confidence in you in the meeting. The appointment went fast and we really got a person who understood us and our situation! Our business will be better placed to succeed now. " (HR Manager Constructi

on Company) "Thank you

for collaborating during meetings with the consultant, together we got the essential information and came to the most important quickly. We saw the added value of the consultant after just a few weeks.

" (CEO chemistry Co

mpany) "Our need was absolutely not linked to industry experience, thank you for lifting the perspective and found the consultant who could do the right things in the project. We wanted to prepare for an incoming manager and his conditions for a quick start were beyond expectation thanks to your interim consultant.

" (Sales Director Service Company) "

We had a need to quickly resolve a locked-down situation in one of our devices. Your consultant created work, structure and order in 10 days and since then we have been able to focus on the most important, namely our business in that region. " (CEO

Service Company build) "" L

ease purchase "was really an effective way for us to quickly put an entire department on the right track. We are impressed by the accuracy and speed that you performed. The consultant was quite right and our recruitment felt safe and secure for all the parties involved. Now the consultant is one of our strongest between managers in the company. "

(CEO Media Company)

Successful interim Project

Some examples of successful interim scase – anonymized for the sake of the client.

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