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Updated May 2018

For us at Scandinavian Executive AB, privacy is important. We are responsible for the processing that is collected on the web, CRM systems, our tools for candidate management and social media platforms ("digital channels").

Our goal is for you to feel confident that your privacy is respected and that your personal data is processed correctly. We assume responsibility for the personal data processed by Scandinavian Executive AB to be used only for its intended purpose and protected against unauthorized access. ALL processing of personal data within Scandinavian Executive AB takes place in accordance with the applicable personal data law.

This privacy policy applies in general to all our digital channels. If a different, more specific, privacy policy is posted on a Digital channel managed by a subsidiary, it shall prevail over this privacy policy.

Personal Data processed

Personal data is any information that directly, or indirectly together with other data, can be linked to a living natural person. This means that diverse tasks, such as Names and contact details, IP addresses, CVS, choices made and behaviours are personal data.

The processing of personal data is everything that happens with the personal data. Any action taken with personal data constitutes processing, whether automated or not, such as collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storing, processing or alteration, creation, reading, use, disclosure Through the transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, adjustment or aggregation, limitation, erasure or destruction.

The following are examples of personal data that are processed:

The CRM system – First name, surname, email address, mobile phone number, where you came in contact with us and related documents and technical information.

CV – Personal letters and other documentation – Information to be able to fulfill our part of the assignment in order to carry out a recruitment or appointment of interim consultant. It includes the same contact information as for the CRM system as well as in order management billing information (EV. Company name, address, postcode, city) and transaction history.

The above applies to the processing of technical data:

Technical data – Use of the website, in the form of, inter alia, Which subpages have been visited, browser settings, time and IP addresses.

Scandinavian Executive AB does not collect personal information as a social security number or information about means of payment.

How do we get information?

Scandinavian Executive AB collects information through forms on the website or registers contact information during the sales process. It is voluntary to provide this information to the Web and you may be removed from our systems at any time. If you choose not to disclose personal information, we may be prevented from giving you access to certain products or services and will be more difficult to complete assignments together.

The following are examples of personal data that are processed:

  • Contact Form on web
  • Direct application to our candidate database
  • When you download documents from our web pages
  • When registering to receive our newsletters by e-mail

The purpose of information obtained

  • In order to provide access to our products and services
  • In order to transmit relevant information
  • To be able to make contact and offer our products and services

We establish profiles based on the background of the information gathered, in order to offer you the most relevant products and provide you with a good customer service. The profiles are based on the information you voluntarily provide to us. We do not collect any information from third parties.

How is the information stored?

Information gathered through forms on the website is stored in our CRM system and our tools for newsletter mailings.

Candidate/Consultant information is also stored in our candidate management system and in our database.

How is information removed?

Information is deleted by contacting us by email: info@scandinavianexecutive.se

Disclosure of information to third parties?

Personal data is not distributed to third parties, but we may use subcontractors to deliver all or part of the website. Such subcontractors may process personal data on behalf of Scandinavian Executives. Scandinavian Executive verifies that subcontractors to us comply with the new European GDPR framework for the processing of personal data


As a customer or consultant, you are entitled to require transparency in the processing of personal data. You may also require corrections, limitations or deletion of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

When the processing of personal data is based on consent, you can take the assent back anytime.

If you believe that Scandinavian Executive has not complied with your rights under the Personal Data Act, you have the right to appeal to the relevant supervisory authority. This is done by submitting a complaint to the Swedish Data Protection Authority. Contact details can be found at: http://www.datainspektionen.se


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