About Scandinavian Executive

About us

Scandinavian Executive is run by people who have all sat in managerial positions, worked as consultants or interim managers. We have a combined experience from a wide range of industries and have sat in management groups or boards of 100-years together.

We have operational experience and the ability to quickly understand a problem or challenge in an organization. The solution we offer is to quickly find the right person who can contribute to the results of you!

Challenging a question and helping our customers to see the problem from another direction creates dynamic and exciting encounters. Sometimes a different solution or consultant with another profile is an even better solution than to "only" replace an existing role with equivalent competence.

We are constantly building our network of skilled interim consultants and since the start 2014 we have helped companies solve many difficult situations.

A more efficient way to work

To ensure you have the fastest and most effective possible support, we have developed our own way of working. Our unique collaborations with partners in a number of specialist areas give you not only a faster candidate process, you also get access to more efficient interim managers.

All our interim managers receive operational support during the whole length of the mission

Our unique collaborations make your organization get a lot more than just an interim manager. Ongoing operational support in the form of specialist knowledge, access to networks or advice in finance and law allows our interim managers to solve complicated situations more effectively. You'll also get quicker answers to questions that are critical to your business and its business.